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his is is NOT a tools course! Becoming proficient in Red Teaming is NOT something that can be taught only in a classroom. We will have multiple field exercises as well as hands-on classroom sessions.

This course will go over some of the tools and methods you MAY use in a Red Team assessment. Feel free to come up with your own styles.

  • You will learn the basics of how to profile attackers and use your imagination to become one.
  • Learn to act like a viable adversary of the target.
  • Learn to analyze the security processes and technologies that are in place.
  • Using what you observe, take advantage of what others have missed, to blend Electronic, Social and Physical security into a converged attack surface.

Required: Laptop with virtual machines running BackTrack and Windows (XP and above). Native OS can replace one of the VMs (i.e. a Windows OS hosting a Kali VM, or vice-versa).