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BruCON 2012 Training Flyer

Download, print & spread them around!
Download the BruCON 2012 Training Flyer HERE.

Official BruCON 2012 Training Banners


Official BruCON 2012 Conference Banners

Brucon 2012 Hbanner.jpg
Brucon Vbanner.jpg

Official BruCON 2012 Logos


BruCON T-shirt design

BruCON TShirtDesignKate.png

Design by Kathryn Sawyer


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Promo-badge.png <a href=""><img src="" alt="BruCON, fun hacking and security event in Belgium." /></a>
I-will-hack-for-beer.png <a href=""><img src="" alt="Hack for beer @ BruCON, fun hacking and security event in Belgium." /></a>