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Amassing a large multi-node botnet is no trivial task, but is possible if you know how to do so. Many techniques are used to exploit computer systems and join them to user controlled bot-networks. In fact, loaded with just a few coding techniques in your toolbox, you’ll find that creating a botnet of your own (for penetration testing purposes of course) can be easier than you think! Allow me to show you how ;-) This session covers how to create the downloader, implant bots, master controller, and launch additional payloads on the victim box through the use of Splinter The RAT, an open-source red-team collaboration framework developed to show the ease at which RATs can be created to exploit computer systems. New demos are included in this presentation that incorporate new tools through the RAT to enable greater attacks to be executed once we have access to the victim box. This session concludes with an appreciation that although necessary, network security still has its limitations. Vulnerabilities will almost always exist in any enterprise network. Sometimes the best way to discover the weaknesses and better defend these systems is to master the art of exploiting them.