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(BruCON 0x06 Line-Up)
(BruCON 0x06 Line-Up)
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* [[Ocean Lam (Hong Kong)]]
* [[Ocean Lam (Hong Kong)]]
* [[DJ Jackalope (Las Vegas)]]
* [[DJ Jackalope (Las Vegas)]]
* [[keroSerene (Serene Han, pianist)]]

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The completed schedule is available on

General Information

  • Registrations start at 8h30!
  • Workshop seats are limited to max 35 persons in rooms Orval, Chimay & La Trappe Seats will be on a first come first serve basis, please be there in time!!
  • Workshops run for 2 consecutive speaking slots (ca. 2 hours)
  • Workshop rooms in the location Novotel Ghent (Orval, Chimay, La Trappe) are 5 minutes walking from the main venue
  • This schedule is subject to change, check back regularly.

BruCON 0x06 Line-Up