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(Version 1.0 of BruCON schedule is online here)
(Version 1.0 of BruCON schedule is online here)
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== <b>Version 1.0 of BruCON schedule is online [ here]</b> ==
Summary list of events::<br><br>
* Keynote: [[Presentations#Memoirs_of_a_Data_Security_Street_Fighter | Memoirs of a Data Security Street Fighter by Mikko Hypponen ]]
* Presentations:
**[[Presentations#Creating_a_CERT_at_WARP_Speed:_How_To_Fast_Track_the_Implementation_of_Your_CERT |  Creating a CERT at WARP Speed: How To Fast Track the Implementation of Your CERT by Brian Honan]]
** [[Presentations#CsFire:_browser-enforced_mitigation_against_CSRF | CsFire: browser-enforced mitigation against CSRF by Lieven Desmet]]
** [[Presentations#Cyber_.5BCrime.7CWar.5D_-_connecting_the_dots | Cyber [Crime|War] - connecting the dots by Ian Amit]]
** [[Presentations#Embedded_System_Hacking_and_My_Plot_To_Take_Over_The_World | Embedded System Hacking and My Plot To Take Over The World by Paul Asadoorian]]
** [[Presentations#Finding_Backdoors_in_Code | Finding Backdoors in Code : Repelling the Wily Insider by Matias Madou]]
** [[Presentations#Fireshark_-__A_tool_to_Link_the_Malicious_Web | Fireshark -  A tool to Link the Malicious Web by Stephan Chenette]]
** [[Presentations#GSM_security:_fact_and_fiction | GSM security: fact and fiction by Fabian van den Broek ]] 
** [[Presentations#Head_Hacking_.E2.80.93_The_Magic_of_Suggestion_and_Perception | Head Hacking – The Magic of Suggestion and Perception by Dale Pearson]]
**[[Presentations#How_I_Met_Your_Girlfriend:_The_discovery_and_execution_of_entirely_new_classes_of_Web_attacks_in_order_to_meet_your_girlfriend | How I Met Your Girlfriend:  The discovery and execution of entirely new classes of Web attacks in order to meet your girlfriend by Samy Kamkar]]
** [[Presentations#NFC_Malicious_Content_Sharing | NFC (Near Field Communication) Malicious Content Sharing by Roel Verdult]]
** [[Presentations#Project_Skylab_1.0:_Helping_You_Get_Your_Cloud_On | Project Skylab 1.0: Helping You Get Your Cloud On by Craig Balding]]
** [[Presentations#.22The_Monkey_Steals_the_Berries.22_The_State_of_Mobile_Security | The Monkey Steals the Berries: The State of Mobile Security by Tyler Shields]]
** [[Presentations#The_WOMBAT_Project:_Recent_Developments_in_Internet_Threats_Analysis | The WOMBAT Project: Recent Developments in Internet Threats Analysis by Olivier Thonnard and Andy Moser]]
** [[Presentations#Top_5_ways_to_steal_a_company_.22Forget_root.2C_I_want_it_all.22 | Top 5 ways to steal a company: Forget root, I want it all. by Chris Nickerson]]
** [[Presentations#You_Spent_All_That_Money_And_You_Still_Got_Owned... | You Spent All That Money And You Still Got Owned by Joseph McCray]]
** [[Presentations#Your_Project:_From_Idea_To_Reality_.22Make_A_Living_Doing_What_You_Love.22 | Your Project: From Idea To Reality: Make A Living Doing What You Love by Mitch Altman]]
* Workshops:
** [[Workshops#Beer_Brewing | Beer brewing workshop: Learn how to hack your own beer]]
** <strike>[[Workshops#Cryptanalysis_workshop:_Breaking_office_encryption | Cryptanalysis workshop: Breaking office encryption by Eric Filiol]]  </strike> Cancelled, will be replaced by Samurai workshop
** [[Workshops#Introduction_in_Assessing_and_Exploiting_Web_Applications_with_Samurai-WTF_LiveCD | Introduction in Assessing and Exploiting Web Applications with Samurai-WTF LiveCD by Justin Searle]]
** [[Workshops#CERT_AbuseHelper_Workshop | CERT AbuseHelper Workshop by David Durvaux and Christian Van Heurck ]]
** [[Workshops#Damn_Vulnerable_Web_App | Damn Vulnerable Web App by Ryan Dewhurst]]
** [[Workshops#Hardware_Hacking_Area:_Learn_To_Make_Cool_Things_With_Microcontrollers.21 | Hardware Hacking Area: Learn To Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers! by Mitch Altman]]
**[[Workshops#Living_with_SELinux_How_to_configure_SELinux_for_your_daily_applications_in_CentOS.2FRHEL | Living with SELinux How to configure SELinux for your daily applications in CentOS/RHEL by Toshaan Bharvani]]
** [[Workshops#Lockpicking_101 | Lockpicking 101 by Walter Belgers (]]
** [[Workshops#Malicious_PDF_analysis | Malicious PDF analysis by Didier Stevens]]
** [[Workshops#RFID_workshop | RFID workshop by Philippe Teuwen]]
** [[Workshops#Seccubus_workshop:_Analyzing_vulnerability_assessment_data_the_easy_way | Seccubus workshop: Analyzing vulnerability assessment data the easy way by Frank Breedijk]]
** [[Workshops#The_Security_Innovation_Network_-_Cluster_of_Clusters | The Security Innovation Network - Cluster of Clusters by Ulrich Seldeslachts]]
* Events during conference:
** [[Challenge | The Hex Factor]]
** [[Podcast | Live Security Podcaster Meetup]]
** [[Lightning Talks]]
** [[Hardware_hacking_area | Hardware Hacking Area with Mitch Altman and]]
'''For abstracts and details of the presentation, please check:'''
* the complete [[Speakers | list of speakers]]
* the complete [[Presentations | list of presentations]]
For more information, check our [[Frequently Asked Questions | F.A.Q.]]
The 2009 archive with videos and presentations can be found on [ the 2009 wiki]
or have a look at this summary video of 6m35s!!!<br><br>

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